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Here you can find out about the artists that have exhibited in previous Pop-Up Circus shows. There’s a page for each show:

Artists involved in Pop-Up Circus V  at The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel road, E1 1EW.
Listed below are a selection of works by the visual Artists who will be taking part in the Art exhibition as part of the next Pop-Up Circus V. The exhibition runs from Thursday the 6th of December until Thursday the 3rd of January.

Eduardo Leal

Eduardo Leal was born in Porto, Portugal in 1980. Traveling was always a passion for him but just after his first travel at the age of 21, he realized that he could tell about the world not only by words but also with images.

Picture 1

Peter Charlton

Peter Charlton studied at Newcastle Art College and has worked as a Designer and Illustrator and tutored Life Drawing and Watercolour Painting in Adult Education.
Jane Beharrell
I was born in Hull U.K. in 1985, and am now based in North Lincolnshire.
The printmaking methods I use are monotype, woodcut and linocut. The energy and immediacy of making monotypes makes it very addictive and fun, but I also like the bold and uncompromising character of block printing, especially as it makes it neccessary to slow down and think clearly about the process.
Samuel Overington
Lingua franca is a project exploring movement and mark making. Samuel uses drawing as a means to explore line, volume and gesture of the moving body. His drawings are a flux of both form and motion that transverse a point around the body; giving form, and in the same way follow a point on the body whilst in motion; marking the dance through the narratives of direction and gesture. His drawings explore improvisation within dance as it becomes a physical language – a lingua franca between two dancers.
Conor O’Donnell
I qualified from the Crawford College of Fine Art, Cork in 2004 and I am currently studying an MFA in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art in London.
My work always begins with observational drawings  that are then reworked/retold until a more comprehensive narrative becomes visible to the viewer.
image 6

Greg Genestine-Charlton

My work ranges from Pop Art, Figurative Painting to Abstract Painting, depending on my mood. I create work about those close to me (Family and friends) or use found imagery of people I don’t really know. My abstract work is as important to me as my figurative work, music has a big influence and I find creating abstract pieces generally therapeutic’.


Stuart Brough

The painting I will be showing is from a project that I am currently working on. This painting is number three in a seven series painting project based around one of many evolving ideas. It is to be the first to be completed and the first to be exhibited. The painting is entitled “Swan Lake at the Caramel Factory”. A written narrative will be included to aid the visualisation, so although we pick up the story half way through we can still make sense of the goings on.

Swan Lake at the Caramel Factory - detail

John Appleton Appleton’s surreal and unsettling images are informed by the traditions of classical portraiture, still life and ornament. His works often employ anthropomorphism and decorative distortion to highlight the theatricality and artifice of the painted image. They also play with the relationship between representation and power and give us cause to reflect upon cultural politics and hierarchies of genre in art and crafts.


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